Scenario: You are Jutta, a member of xPress an up and coming new urban fashion brand from Berlin. Your job is to redesign of the logistics processes for the new warehouse that your company is building to handle the huge quantities of your new eCommerce operation.

You have been with xPress for the last three years hired directly by the founder of the company. You enjoy your work, but the recent explosion of customer demand and brand success in this year's fashion shows put a huge stress on your team. In addition you have to deal with the new IT project which adds a substanical amount of work to your daily tasks.

This week you have to see Jean-Yves the project manager for a third time to complain about the external project members who are working on the IT system integration. These “Externies”, as you call them, do not integrate into the logistics team, would always work with headphones in their ears and would arrive every morning very late at the project office.

You are frustrated because the next work package has to be presented on Tuesday next week in the Jour Fixe to the stakeholders and you feel the logistics team would fail to deliver.