Scenario: Your are Hannes Kaiser, a professional project manager at Schmitz Tooling, a third generation German SME that has been a hidden champion in building machineries for tool manufacturing in the automotive industry. You like your job and as you mostly implement IT projects you are fascinated by latest developments in AI, Big Data and Social Media.

Recent competition from Asia, however has made it more difficult for Schmitz to sell their machineries and services. Hiring freezes and cost cutting measures have made it more and more difficult to perform even regular project activities in the IT area. Although you are well connected and recognized in Schmitz to “get things done”, the last years have been the toughest in your career so far due to increased pressure and cost cutting.

You are curious to meet the new social media expert Jason Wadle to discuss the new social media platform that he wants to built. As you are very much interested in this area yourself, you are looking forward to the meeting, but you are concerned that the tight budgets would make it difficult to implement it, also there is not much knowledge and understanding in Schmitz how Social Media could help a traditional company.

Your goal is to agree with Jason on a realistic scope for this project and rough planning for the first year.